Gifts for the Spice Lover

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Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Find the perfect present for the spice lover in your life.

Tasty Toppings

What does the spice lover appreciate more than spices themselves? These sets allow you to explore the flavors of home and new flavors from around the world.

A Flavor Encyclopedia

These books are not only educational but inspirational. Full of exquisite color, they each approach the world of spices in a different way. The spice lover in your life will soon be cooking with more flavor than ever before.


The Spice Companion by Lior Lev Sercarz


Essential Spices and Herbs by Christina Nichol


Cooking with Spices by Mark C. Stevens

Some Like it Hot

Matthew and I are hot sauce people. We don’t put hot sauce on everything but it is safe to say we put it on most things. At any given point we have three bottles of different kinds open in our refrigerator. Anyone who loves spicy food can sympathize, which is why we have listed some of our favorite hot sauces for you to give to that person in your life who likes it hot.

BBQ Heaven

BBQ is one of the most celebrated areas of American cuisine. In fact, it has become somewhat of an art form. For that person in your life who loves to grill, having the right tools is key. That’s why we have suggested some handy items to help the BBQ spice lover up their game. Pun intended.

A Grill Companion

Give the gift of impressive grilling. These cookbooks inspire new recipes, new methods, and a new outlook on cooking in the flames.

A Colorful Kitchen

There’s something warm, comfortable, and inviting about spices, which are the exact feelings you want in a home. Enable the spice lover in your life to spice up their kitchen or dining room with this colorful wall art.

Organized chaos

We love spices. That means we own a lot of them and the most frustrating thing is finding a place to put them. With these spice organizers, the spice lover in your life can have easy access to all of your spices and therefore actually use them.

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