Let's Make a Date

Who We Are

We are Gina and Matthew Parrish from Vail, Colorado. On the outside we look like a young couple in our twenties, married and settling down. But don’t let that fool you—we are always looking for our next adventure. We live in the most spectacular place and are constantly exploring the world around us along with our quirky rescue dog Athena. In 2018 we created Make a Date of It to share date ideas we had been coming up with to keep our relationship fresh and fun, as well as travel itineraries and gift ideas.

Make a Date of It is for women and men at all stages of life, from different backgrounds, with different life obstacles. We get that going out can be expensive or that having kids makes dating difficult. So we make date nights for every circumstance, whether it is at home or on the town, a big splurge or zero dollars down.

Our website gives weekly date, travel, and gift ideas that make dates out of the things you already love (hence the name). If you need help coming up with a personalized idea, we do that too. We put the time into keeping your love life creative and fresh so you can enjoy every moment together.


Our Vantage Point

We don't believe love is a game you are destined to win or lose. We don't believe dating should be complicated with a bunch of obscure rules. We don't believe you need to break into the confusing mind of the opposite sex. We aren't going to point out your imperfections. 

No puffed-up advice that we are unqualified to give. No saccharine words or artificial sentiments. No fear-mongering.

We believe dating should be fun. We believe you should be yourself, and that the right person will like you for who you are. We believe love takes time and effort. We believe you should enjoy your time together, and that every couple should put daily work into growing closer. We believe true love lies in kindness, authenticity, grace, and selflessness.

This space is for those who wish to live and love simply, who want to have fun and fall in love with the same person over and over again. 


If That is You

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The Basics

How to Use this Blog

Learn the Make a Date of It Basics

"We rarely go on dates . . . how do I make date night a regular thing?" "What are printables? How do I use them?" The answers to these questions and more.

How to Ask Someone On a Date

Get Over the First Hurdle

Asking someone on a date can be nerve-wracking. So much so, in fact, that many people do their best to avoid it all together, hoping somehow a relationship will just fall together. It's time to look at asking someone out in a new light.


How to Find Someone

Finding Someone You're Interested In

Maybe you have been looking at this site thinking, "I love these ideas - if only I had someone to do them with!"  Here are some ideas on how to find someone you might want to ask on a date.