Single? How to Find Someone

Sometimes the hardest part of dating is just getting started. How do you find someone to be interested in who is also interested in you? Unfortunately there is no magic answer. It happens differently for everyone. But there are some ways you can make sure you don't miss out. Here are a couple of basics to keep in mind when looking for a date.

Finding someone suited for you can feel daunting, but be open.

Pay attention

It seems obvious, but pay attention. There may be someone you already are familiar with who you have never thought about dating who would be perfect for you. Or maybe someone from your friend group, your club, or your apartment building will catch your eye. Or maybe a mutual friend. Pay attention and you never know who you will meet.

Consider shared interests

What do you love? Or less extreme, what mildly interests you? Either way, exploring your interests can be a great way to make friends and potentially find dates. If you love dancing, go to a swing or salsa club. If you love books, find a MeetUp bookclub. There are groups for all sorts of interests, just be sure to find one with people in your age group.

You never know—someone in your existing friend group may be someone you could end up with.

Give it a chance

There are probably people in your life who you have already thought about dating, but for one reason or another have pushed out of your mind. Think about it again. Even if you are not immediately attracted to anyone around you, take genuine interest in them. It's the kind thing to do anyway. After all, it's not all about you and your needs. Be compassionate and see if you don't find someone more interesting than you had originally thought.

Put yourself out there

Lastly, but maybe most importantly, be willing to put yourself out there. Does someone catch your interest? Ask them to coffee to get to know them better. Go out with a group of friends to see who you connect with. Being at home by yourself won't get you the date you are longing for. Get out and meet people!

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