Make a Date of It Basics

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If you are new to dating, new to making your love life intentional, or just new to our blog, we want to make dating easy for you. Allow us to explain how our blog works.

We post weekly date, travel, and gift ideas that encourage couples to have more fun and grow closer together.

Our date ideas vary widely. They may take place right in your living room, or they may take place far away from home. Most of them will be completely free, but others will be a well-worth-it splurge. They may focus on movies or sports or even something you have never dreamed you would find yourself doing. We encourage you to do the dates that center around your interests, but we also encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, whether it is by going dancing, jumping out of a plane, or making soap. Doing something together that puts you out of your comfort zone will bring the both of you closer and make for great memories.

Our travel ideas revolve around learning new things, exploring new cultures, and enjoying that far-from-home feeling. Whether it is a weekend getaway or a two week road trip, we think it is good to share valuable experiences like travel with that someone you love.

Last but not least, we want you to give gifts your someone will actually want. Our gift ideas will target all sorts of personalities, and make it easier to find something to make your date say, “wow!”

Often, our posts will include “printables.” Printables are PDF downloads for you to print and cut out a home. Many of them can also be downloaded to your tablet and used from there. We design them with specific dates in mind so you can have everything you need. If you do print, we recommend buying a paper cutter like this one to save you time and to make our printables look the best they can.

How do I get my dating life on the road?


For many of you, date nights are not a regular thing. We want to change that. Spending consistent time focusing on each other makes relationships strong. So how do you get your partner to start having regular date nights with you? Begin with the most obvious: ask. Give your reasons for wanting to have a weekly date night and ask if your partner would be willing. Hopefully they have the same desires you do in wanting to have a fun, healthy relationship.

If this all seems like a lot to you, start slow. Go on one date this month. If the printables seem too intense, do a modified date without them. No two couples are the same and you know your relationship better than we do.

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Your relationship gets stronger starting now.

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