TV Workout Date - Friends: Season 1

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I was a bit behind the times when it comes to Friends. It wasn't until I was able to stream all 10 seasons on Netflix that I really got into it (and by that time it was quite a bit dated). But after that I was hooked. It is easy to watch, and meanwhile easy to think, "If they can scrape through life making such stupid mistakes, so can I!" Because it is so easy to watch (and rewatch and rewatch and rewatch) I thought it would make a great TV workout.

For those who are unfamiliar, a TV workout works basically the same way as a drinking game (but it is much better for you). Whenever a familiar trope is repeated on the show, you complete the coordinating exercise. Since there are running storylines throughout each season of Friends, I limited this workout to the first season. Mostly I just wanted to include Marcel.

So what sets this apart as a date? For one thing, you get your hearts pumping in more ways than one. Working out together gets your endorphins going and makes you feel energetic. Not to mention, you will be surprised just how fun these workouts are. Matthew and I found ourselves laughing at how often the gang ends up in the hospital, and muttering under our breath every time Joey did something ridiculous. Plus, you can marathon for as long as you like and feel great about yourselves afterwards. Could this BE a better date?

TV Workout Date

Friends: Season 1

Time: 1+ hours  |  Cost:  $  |  Location:  At Home  |  Level:  Easy

What makes exercise more fun? Having that someone you care about by your side. Oh, and gluing your eyes to the TV. With this date you can do both:  binge watch your favorite show and spend quality time with your date, all the while getting your daily workout in. We've thrown in some fun surprises for in-between episodes so you can take advantage of those endorphins and have a few laughs.

Materials Needed:

Printable Invite
Printable Workout Guide
Printable Between-Episode Challenges

Yoga Mat
Friends: Season 1
Workout Clothes


  1. Download the free printables below--including the invite, workout guide, and challenges--and print. Cut out the pieces (we recommend using a portable paper cutter). If you would rather, you can download the workout sheet to your tablet instead. Then, gather your materials.

  2. Deliver the invite to your date. You could leave it out on the counter one morning, send it via snail mail, pin it to your fridge, or come up with something else creative.

  3. When your date arrives, lay out your yoga mats and have water at the ready. Set up the TV show.

  4. Ready, set, exercise! Do a little stretching to warm up. Then, do your workout according to what is happening in the TV show.**

  5. Between episodes, drink water and try out some of our challenges. Laughter is imminent.

  6. After you have had your fill of exercise fun (don't over do it), do some stretching to cool down and applaud yourselves for completing the workout.

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