Gifts for the Food Lover

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Gifts for the Food Lover

Gifts that will get that food lover in your life running to the kitchen.

The Essentials

There are a few things that every home chef always needs. Extra virgin olive oil is a mainstay in every kitchen because it is full of delicious flavor. However, olive oil can burn easily so you also need a healthy oil that can cook at high temperatures, like avocado oil. Balsamic vinegar, one of many handy vinegars, adds to many recipes and is especially useful for salads. Finally, salt and pepper are obvious essentials, but it matters what kind. Himalayan pink salt and sea salt, aside from just being eye-catching, have a number of minerals that are great for you. Pepper loses flavor after being ground, so its best to have it in a grinder. No food lover will regret getting any of these crucial items for their kitchen.


That novelty Item

We all have that one thing we have always wanted to buy but never did because it wasn’t strictly necessary. That’s what makes novelty items such great gifts, especially for foods that are tough to cook without them. My favorite example is the ice cream maker. Homemade ice cream is a fantastic treat, but is extremely annoying to make without an ice cream maker. Likewise, stovetop popcorn can be tricky because the kernels need to be constantly moving around to pop evenly, and sushi tends to be something you eat out rather than at home because it is difficult without the proper tools. Not anymore. The home chef in your life will thank you for the ability to make foods they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to without these sweet machines.


Pairs Well With . . .

Let’s not forget that novelty items are, well, novel. The home chef in your life may have always wanted an ice cream maker but would have no idea what to do with one once they got it. A good cookbook is all you need to get that new and unused machine off the shelf and use it. Here are a few companions to the novelty items we already suggested.


A Chef’s Companion

No kitchen is complete without a good sharp knife. It’s easy enough to say, but how many of us really have a knife that we can use tirelessly everyday? Many people buy lesser-quality knives and then replace them when they get dull. Or they don’t and they muddle through with dull (and dangerous) knives. Do everyone a favor and treat the cook in your life to a nice knife, one that can be resharpened over and over again back to its full glory. They will have a new life-long cooking companion and so will you.

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A Countertop Jewel

A good cutting board is just as important to a home cook as a good knife. One of the biggest factors to choosing a cutting board is material, because some materials do a better job of staying clean and sturdy. Bamboo and walnut are both types of wood that repel bacteria and are therefore good choices for your home. Size is another important factor. While small may seem convenient, a crowded cutting board can be dangerous. A larger cutting board gives you the freedom to prep without clearing the board as you go. I recommend having several sizes so you can choose. Lastly, since safety is always first, non-slip cutting boards are a great way to go. Many have silicon on the ends to protect against sliding. We’ve listed several excellent choices for the home cook.


Something to Use again and Again

There has been a slow-moving shift in our kitchen towards reusable goods instead of disposable ones. We have been trying hard to reduce, reuse, and recycle in our family, which means no more plastic baggies or plastic wrap. While this may seem more of a burden, in the long run it is actually easier and saves money. It can be expensive up front to switch over, which is why reusable items make great gifts.


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