35+ Gifts for the Coffee Lover

Coffee is easy to love, and now it is easy to craft into the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life.

A Coffee Sampler

What better gift to get the coffee lover in your life than coffee itself? With different blends and added flavors, your coffee lover will love getting to try out different types of coffee from one of these samplers.

The Right Accessory

With coffee, it’s all in the little things. Impress your coffee lover with a mug and warmer set, perfect for anyone who constantly reheats their coffee. Or get foamy with an electric milk frother, which will instantly improve any latte or cappuccino. Coffee not as fresh as it could be? A specialty canister that filters out CO2 will keep whole beans fresh and an electric coffee grinder will grind them up right before brewing.

A bit of Flavor

Who doesn’t love a little flavor in their coffee? The coffee lover in your life can make it a mocha with Ghirardelli’s premium chocolate sauce or stick with a classic like caramel with Torani syrup. Around the holidays they can warm up with Le Sirop de Monin’s pumpkin spice or peppermint and in the summer stick to something light like Amoretti’s lavender.

A Belly Laugh Mug

There is no shortage of hilarious mugs and the coffee lover can always use another one. Some mug-creators have gotten extremely creative in the past few years. Take a look at some examples below.

The Perfect Tumbler

Coffee on the go is a must for the coffee lover. Keeping that coffee hot and avoiding spillage is a must, which is why we suggest these tumblers for travel.

A Coffee Gift Set

Gift sets are always a treat, especially when they include all of your favorite things plus some. These below are all focused on the coffee lover.

The Essential Coffee Pot

For true coffee lovers, the ability to make a delicious cup of java at home is essential. Whether the coffee lover in your life likes it dripped or pressed, we’ve found the best options for you.

The Best Espresso

What is better than plain old coffee? That’s right, espresso. And making a decent espresso at home is not easy without the right tools. The following machines offer the best espresso for the best price.

Show it off

It is definitely possible to be a “coffee nerd.” And for the person in your life who is one, why not help them show it off?

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