30+ Gift Ideas for a Spring Birthday

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Goodbye winter, hello spring. And with it, a tidal wave of birthdays. What gifts are you going to give this season?

For Him

Something Useful

Spring is about shaking off winter hibernation and starting to take action. That means get organized, get cooking, get cleaned up, and get to having fun.

Fit for Summer

It’s easy to get stagnant in winter, but when spring approaches it’s time to get active again. Help the guy in your life get in shape for all of the summer activities you have planned with some fitness accessories that force him to bring his a-game.

Winter Repair

Winter can be harsh on your body and your stuff. Time to get organized and back in tip-top shape.

Just for Fun

While spring can feel like it is all about getting down to business, it’s also time to have fun. After all, the sun is shining again, the grass is green, and you’ve got summer ahead of you. Get the man in your life something that will lift his winter blues and remind him what fun it is to be alive.

For Her

Birthstone Jewelry

Each month has its own birthstone. March is aquamarine; April is diamond; and May is emerald. Treat the lady in your life to a piece of jewelry she can identify with, like the ones below. With many pieces, like the Alex and Ani bracelet, you can choose your desired birthstone (or imitation birthstone, depending on price point).

Fit for Summer

Like a bear coming out of its cave, it’s time to stretch out, muscle up, and get ready for summer.

Winter Repair

Winter can be hard on your body, your clothes, and your mind. Get the woman in your life something that mends, whether it is a bath bomb set to sooth her stress on hard days or a hand and foot repair set to sooth dry, cracked skin.

Just for Fun

Brighten her day with some something that will make her smile.

For the One You Love

Plan Date Night

Turn over a new leaf in your relationship by investing your time as well as your money. Put at least three date nights (or days) on your schedule, whether they are once a month or once a week. Not sure of what to do on these dates? We post date ideas regularly to our blog, whether they are stay-at-home dates that you can do after the kids are in bed or go-out dates that get you doing something different for a change. Check out some of our ideas here:

A Way to Connect

When was the last time you and your date had a good conversation? One that brings you closer together? Get connecting like when you were first dating with one of these activities.

Loving Reminders

Remind your date of your love for them.

Bedroom Fun

Maybe its time to spice things up in the bedroom. Why not surprise your love with something that will put their mind in the right place?

For The Kid Inside

Fun Surprises

Sometimes you have to channel your inner child to have fun and celebrate your birthday like it should be celebrated.

Around the House

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