5 Dates to Go on Before Summer is Over

Summer is the most elusive season. The case always seems to be that, once summer finally arrives, it ends all too soon. In Colorado it doesn’t get warm until June. Then, as we try to cram in as many of our favorite warm-weather activities as possible, July sneaks away from us. When August comes, it feels all too fleeting as the days get shorter and the temperatures get cooler.

My husband Matthew and I try to hang on to summer as long as possible, refusing to consider it over until the official September day. But the colder weather and rapid changing of leaves are hard to ignore. That’s why we recommend you make at least one more effort to celebrate this summer with your significant other. We’ve listed five date ideas below to keep the summer vibes flowing all the way until September. Click the links below each one for more tips on creating the best date night.

1. Recline those seats at a Drive-In Movie

a drive-in Movie gives you a more private movie theater experience, allowing you to talk, snack, and kiss freely.

The drive-in is one of our favorite date nights in the summer. Movies are much more romantic under the stars than in a stuffy movie theater. Plus, in the privacy of your own car you can make a comment to the person next to you, unwrap that delicious but over-packaged candy, and even plant a kiss without feeling self-conscious. We recommend heading to a diner for fries and shake beforehand so you can feel transported back in time.

2. Climb to new heights to See the City Lights

Take on a new perspective with a date night gazing at the city lights.

There is something about removing yourself from everyday life that leaves you feeling refreshed and positive. Take a drive with your date to the best spot overlooking your city. Then take some time just to breathe and reflect, chatting about what makes your home more than just a place to live. This “get away” is not as far away as you think and won’t cost you a cent.

3. Lounge in the Grass on a Summer Picnic

A picnic is an easy way to enjoy the best parts of summer.

Take advantage of the warm weather with a summer picnic. Enjoy the fresh breeze, delicious food, and great company all the while taking in the great outdoors. If the packing and planning seems intimidating to you at first, we have suggestions for even the simplest picnic experience.

4. Jam out at an Outdoor Concert

An outdoor concert is a great opportunity to leave your stresses behind and enjoy time with your significant other.

While concerts can happen at any time of year, something about summer makes listening to live music that much more enjoyable, especially when the concert is outside. So search your area for an upcoming concert near you and enjoy the weather while it lasts. Many public institutions even offer free concerts in the summer. Or town and our public library bring in new talent to enjoy free of charge. If this just doesn’t happen where you live, find a restaurant with live music for a similar experience.

5. Get cultured at your local Film festival

Film festivals happen all over the world and can give you a glimpse at upcoming talent.

Take in a bit of culture with a date night to your local film festival. Film festivals are great because they introduce you to films you may never see otherwise. Many of the films even include well-known actors that finally have the chance to do something different than their Hollywood “type” confines them to. Some stars make appearances at openings and talk-backs after the screenings. Festivals occur all over the world and there may be one closer to you than you think, like at your local college.

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