How to Make Your Next Concert the Perfect Date Night

There’s nothing like seeing a band live. It’s entertaining. It’s thrilling. It’s validating. It makes sense of all of those times you’ve sat alone in your car listening to music thinking, “Yeah, I feel that too.” Because that’s what everyone around you is saying just by being at the concert with you. “Yeah, I feel that too.”

Music has the ability to connect us. How great is it when you find out a friend also loves that song you listen to a million times a day? Or when your date can’t get enough of the band that you can’t get enough of? That’s what makes a concert a great date night. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, even if you have seen the band before.

Matthew and I are lucky to have similar taste in music. That’s not to say we love all of the same bands, but enough to agree upon which concerts to go to. Through our experience, we’ve come up with a few tips to make your next concert the best date night it can be.

5 Tips to Make a Concert the Perfect Date Night

1. Pay attention to your date, not your phone

Beware of “the phone zone.” It’s too easy to get absorbed in your phone and connect more with social media than your date. Our advice: live in the moment. Both the band you love and the person you love (or at least like) are right in front of you for once, not on a screen. So sure, snap a few photos and videos. But the rest of the time? Leave your phone in your pocket.

2. Be safe and aware

As fun as concerts can be, they also can be a bit dicey. Everyone has a story of someone fainting, a fight breaking out, a beer spraying everywhere, or some other mishap that happened at a concert. So be safe. Make sure you know where the other person is at all times. If you do separate, keep your phones on you. Make sure your wallets are fastened away safely and be aware of what is going on around you. Finally, take the time to memorize three locations: the emergency exit, the medical booth, and where you parked the car.

3. Eat something

It may seem obvious, but eat before you go. If you get to the concert in time for the opener, you have a good four hours ahead of you. Whatever food they sell at the venue probably won’t hold you over and no one likes to be hangry on a date.

4. Show some affection

Be intentional! You are on a date, so act like it. Offer to buy your date a drink, hold their hand, sing softly into their ear, put your arm around them and sway. Show your date that you are there for them just as much as for the band.

5. Know before you go

Nothing spoils the mood like finding out you had to have some app to use the tickets on your phone—and uh-oh, you have no service—or realizing that giant backpack full of energy drinks you decided to bring won’t be allowed into the venue. Look up the venue’s policies in advance to save everyone a headache.

Now that you’ve read our tips, scroll on to get our step-by-step recipe for success, and for a PDF you can print at home to surprise your date or make concert tickets the perfect gift.

The Perfect Concert Date

Time: 4+ hours  |  Cost:  $$$  |  Location:  Local Concert Venue  |  Level:  Easy

A concert can be one of the most memorable experiences in your life. That’s why it makes the perfect date night. Shaking up your routine and connecting over an amazing experience can bring you and your date closer than ever. Follow our tips above and use the step-by-step instructions below to make your concert date absolute perfection.

Materials Needed:

Printable Ticket Invite
Printable Ticket Holder
Printable Memory Board and Pen
Verified Tickets
Phone and Camera
Comfy Shoes
Wallet and ID
Spotify Playlist


  1. Download the free printables below and print. Cut out the ticket holder, then fold and glue it together. Once dry, insert your tickets. If the tickets are at will call or on your phone, write in the details on the fake tickets and insert those. If the concert tickets are a gift for a birthday or anniversary, fill out one of the notes and attach it to the invite. You could also wrap the printables in a box so your date has a present to open for the occasion.

  2. Deliver the invite to your date. You could leave it out on the counter one morning, send it via snail mail, pin it to your fridge, or come up with something else creative. If you decided to wrap it as a gift, surprise them with it during your celebrations.

  3. On the night of the concert, double check that you have all of the items you need before you leave. During the ride, listen to a playlist of the band—or save it for the ride home. Talk about which songs you hope they’ll play and what you are most excited about.

  4. As per the tips above, don’t forget to grab a bite to eat beforehand!

  5. Enjoy the concert. Take at least one photo of the band, one photo of both of you together, and one video clip of your favorite song. The rest of the time, put your phone away.

  6. Afterwards, as your car edges its way out of the parking lot, talk about your favorite moments and songs. Write notes on your memory board.

  7. When you get home, print and attach a photo you took, plus the tickets, to your memory board. Insert it into the plastic sleeve of a binder and make it a tradition for all of your concerts.

  8. Share your experience with us afterwards on social media @makeadateofit!

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