10 Anniversary Gifts Husbands Can't Help but Love

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Show your husband some love this anniversary with a gift he can’t help but get excited about.

Better Mornings


LBell Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

Does your husband wake up in the morning and hit the snooze button five times before dragging himself out of bed? No surprise there. Mornings are hard. But you can make them easier with a sunrise simulation lamp. Just like when you are camping and can’t help but rise with the sun, this lamp gradually gets brighter as you are supposed to wake up. If you are worried that won’t do the trick, it also allows you to set a sound alarm to accompany it. This is one you will both be thankful for.

No Stress Travel


CHESTER Cabin Size Hardshell Carry-On

Travel has gotten increasingly more frustrating over the years, especially when it comes to baggage. With high costs for last-minute checked bags and strict requirements when it comes to size and weight, it is hard to know which of your old luggage will be allowed. Put your anxiety to rest with an handy carry-on bag that fits more than you think and withstands the wear and tear of years of travel. New materials like polycarbonate make luggage lightweight and nearly unbreakable. Plus, you won’t be hassled by flight crews. Win-win.

Fly Shades


Maui Jim Polarized Sugar Beach Sunglasses

Anyone who has never owned a pair of polarized sunglasses needs to stop what they are doing and order these. Here’s why: most sunglasses protect your eyes with lenses that are darker than your eyes’ natural tint. But when sunglasses are polarized, they actually filter out certain rays that cause brightness and glare. The world around you doesn’t just look darker but clearer and more vivid, while also protecting your eyes from harmful rays. I used to think buying nicer sunglasses was for chums but when I tried the alternative I never looked back.

Brain Food


Now I Know by Dan Lewis

If your husband is a fan of trivia, he will love Now I Know: The Revealing Stories Behinds the World’s Most Interesting Facts by Dan Lewis. From what happens to lost luggage to how the corpse of a homeless man was used to trick Nazis in WWII, this book packs the most unusual fun facts into easy reading material. He will be able to wow you and his friends with his newfound knowledge and perhaps even nail the next pub quiz.

Grown-Up Gadgets


Holy Stone Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera, GPS, WIFI

If your husband loves his gadgets, this drone just might be his dream come true. And now that they have become more commonplace, you won’t break the bank getting one. With a WIFI enabled HD camera that allows for a 90 degree adjustable angle and live video streaming as well as a GPS "return home” feature, this drone has everything you could want and more.

The Time of Day


Fossil Grant Chronograph Quartz Wristwatch

If you are looking for a classy gift for your husband for your anniversary, look no further. A nice wristwatch not only makes your husband look cool amongst his colleagues, it also keeps him on schedule. It’s the ultimate stylish and useful gift. And if you think the cellphone has outmoded the wristwatch, think again. The average person looks at screens a kerbillion times per day (that’s a real statistic—look it up). A real watch gives your husband the ability to check the time without having to check his email.

Home Technology


Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa

You may not have thought it before, but your husband needs another woman in his life. Her name is Alexa. Amazon’s Alexa has over 50,000 skills and counting. That means you can be more productive and have more fun with your home technology than ever before. This little “dot” can play music, read you the news, answer questions, connect to your phone, turn on your lights, attach to your outlets and more. All you have to do is ask.

Good Clean-ish Fun


Adult Brain Freeze

Add a little risk to game night with an adults-only card game like Brain Freeze. Like most of the best games, it requires at least three people. But that doesn’t mean you can’t finagle it to work with two. Games are the best because they can get you rolling on the floor laughing, and sometimes belly laughs are the best gift of all.

Endless Massages


Shiatsu Massage Pillow

A one-off massage is always a great gift, whether you give it yourself or send your husband to a spa. But you know what else is always a great gift? Endless massages whenever your husband wants. This massage pillow does all the work and even heats up. We have one at home and use it all the time. It’s battery operated and can be recharged, plus you can use it wherever you want.

Sharp Knives


Bellemain Premium Steak Knives

A good set of steak knives makes for a happy chef—and a happy eater. These from Bellemain are full-tang, serrated, surgical-grade stainless steal. In layman’s terms? They’re high-quality, which your husband will appreciate as he cuts into his next T-bone. It may only be one of life’s little pleasures, but a sharp knife is always satisfying.

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