How to Have a Bob Ross Painting Date Night at Home

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Stop everything. Your dreams have now come true.

That’s right, painting along with Bob Ross is now easier than ever thanks to streaming. And we’ve made a date of it. This week’s date night includes happy little trees and wispy little clouds and rescued baby squirrels. Oh, and body paint. That’s our little touch.

We’ve compiled a list of everything you will need to have a Bob Ross painting night from the comfort of your home. We’ve also included step-by-step instructions (scroll to the bottom) on how to make it the perfect date. Download our FREE printables for an epic Bob Ross quote match game (he says the darndest things) and a game that brings your painting skills into the bedroom.

Tools You’ll Need:

You’ll need the right tools to paint like Bob Ross. Luckily, Bob is a minimalist. It doesn’t take much to start painting masterpieces and you may even have some of the tools below at home already. He may use a different brush every now and again, but these are the essentials. Two things to make sure you have: a drop cloth, old towel, tarp, or piece of newspaper to protect your workspace and brush cleaner (included in the Base Coat Value Pack below). Because the paints you will be using are oil-based, they will not wash out with water like acrylic paints. That means you need to use paint thinner to clean your brushes. Make sure it is odorless or you will need to open a window—or five.

One more note: be sure to brush up on how to mix colors before starting. You don’t need to have every color in your paint pack because you can mix colors to create other colors (in case you missed that in art class).

How to Watch:

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to stream Bob Ross painting lessons. Currently, you can stream Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere as well as Chill with Bob Ross on Netflix. You can also buy episodes of The Joy of Painting seasons 11-31 on Amazon Prime. Surprisingly, you can also stream full episodes on YouTube through Bob Ross’s official channel.


Suggested Episodes:

The Joy of Painting has 31 seasons with 403 paintings. Needless to say, it can be overwhelming deciding where to start. Our advice? Choose a painting that stands out to you, one that you would enjoy looking at over and over again. Here are a few suggested episodes for those just getting started.


Lazy River

In the Midst of Winter

Golden Rays of Sunshine

Island in the Wilderness

Waterfall Wonder

Bob Ross Painting Date

Time: 2+ hours  |  Cost:  $$$  |  Location:  At Home  |  Level:  Intermediate

Learning to paint is a breeze with Bob Ross, who always insists that “there are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” Choose an episode and follow along as he guides you in the art of oil painting. We’ve compiled a list of materials and suggestions to make this date night as smooth as you are.

Materials Needed:

Printable “Happy Trees'“ Invite
Printable Bob Ross Quote Match Game
Printable Body Paint Recipe, Bedroom Game, & Ingredients
Two 2” Brushes
Two Fan Brushes
Two Liner Brushes
Two Palette Knives & Palette
Two 18x24 Canvases
White Base, Black Base, Brush Cleaner
Oil Paints
Two Wooden Easels (optional)
Drop Cloth or Newspaper


  1. Download the free printables below--including the invite, Bob Ross quote match game, and body paint recipes--and print. Cut out the pieces (we recommend using a portable paper cutter like this one). Then, gather your painting supplies.

  2. Deliver the invite to your date. The easiest way? Screenshot the digital invite and send it as a text. Otherwise, you could leave it out on the counter one morning, send it via snail mail, pin it to your fridge, or come up with something else creative.

  3. If you are making it a surprise, be sure to tell your date to wear “painting clothes.” They won’t want to get oil paints on their favorite shirt or pants.

  4. Set up your painting area. Lay down a drop cloth, an old towel, or newspaper to ensure you don’t get paint in unwanted places. Then, get your easels, canvases, brushes, paints, and paint cleaner ready and easy to access.

  5. Choose where to stream one of Bob Ross’s lessons, then scroll through and decide on which painting you want to try. We have listed where you can find the episodes and made some suggestions of which to choose above.

  6. Keep your remote handy. Without mastery of the technique, you won’t be able to paint as nearly as fast as Bob Ross in the span of one episode. You will need to rewind and pause throughout the episode to hear instruction repeated.

  7. Do it! Watch your chosen episode and paint along with famed Bob Ross. Haven’t you always wanted to?

  8. Do your best and feel good about what you accomplish. After one episode, you won’t be a master of oil painting. In fact, it may not turn out at all. If so, laugh it off and congratulate yourselves on learning a new skill.

  9. Finish the evening with our printable games—one made especially for the bedroom. (If you’re not there yet in your relationship, that’s okay. Just skip it.) It includes a body paint recipe so you can continue to practice your skills.

  10. Don't forget to share how your painting turned out on instragram or facebook and tag us @makeadateofit!

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