15 Minute Mini-Date: Learn to Tie a Celtic Love Knot

On this mini-date, you and your date are going to tie the knot. Not THE Knot. This knot. The Celtic Love Knot. Oh brother…

Introducing: the Mini-Date

Too busy to go on a date this week? 

Sometimes life gets crazy and it’s hard to set aside time to connect with that special person in your life. And once you get off your weekly date routine, it's difficult to get back on it. Sometimes Matthew and I look at our schedule and realize we haven't been on an official date in a month. Other times, we look ahead on our calendar and cannot find a solid bit of time to set aside for a date that week.

We've come up with a solution. 

You may not have the time this week to go on a date, but you probably have 15 minutes at some point in the day, even if right before bed, to give devoted time to your spouse. But you are probably thinking it: how can you have a date in 15 minutes?

Here are some criteria we use to determine what constitutes a good date:

  • giving undivided attention to the person you are with

  • having fun and forgetting your stresses

  • connecting with one another

  • recognizing it as and calling it a date

The last one may seem irrelevant, but Matthew and I have found that we attach more importance to time we designate as a date than time we spend together otherwise, even if we are doing something fun. 

Enter the mini-date.

All of these things can be accomplished in 15 minutes, if need be. While it is preferable to dedicate more time to your dates on a regular basis (especially for the "forgetting your stresses" part), sometimes it is better to spend some intentional time together than no time at all. So, take the quarter of an hour and have fun!

Learn to Tie a Celtic Love Knot

Time: 15 min  |  Cost:  $  |  Location: Anywhere  |  Level:  Intermediate

Knot patterns have come to be closely associated with Ireland, though they did not originate there. The use of knots in Irish art dates back well over a thousand years and the evidence is everywhere, from the Book of Kells to Celtic crosses. The symbolism of each knot varies. Some represent interconnectedness and continuity, while others represent strength and unity. What will your love knot represent?

Materials Needed:

Printable Step-by-Step Guide
Two (or Four) Long Pieces of Thick Rope or Leather Cord
Video Above


  1. Download the free printable below--including visual step-by-step instructions on how to tie a Celtic love knot--and optionally print. Otherwise, download it to your phone or tablet to use during the date.

  2. Make sure you have the proper kind of cord. Anything too thin or stretchy (like yarn or string) will not work. Try a piece of rope or a leather cord. You could also double it up.

  3. Once you are alone and settled for your mini-date, take your pieces of cord and watch the above video. Understand what the knot should look like before you begin.

  4. Each of you attempt to tie the Celtic love knot while watching the video. Try to work together and use our printable instructions for reference.

  5. If at first you don’t succeed… try and try again! If your knot doesn’t work out the first time, laugh it off and give it a few more tries before you give up.

  6. Once you have the finished product, find a place for it that will remind you of the other person. You could use it as a keychain or turn it into a necklace. Get creative!

  7. Take a photo of how it turned out and tag it @makeadateofit on instagram and facebook!

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