15 Minute Mini-Date: Look Through Old Photos

Relive old memories with past photos.

How many photos do you have stored on your phone? If you are like most people you have thousands, yes thousands, of photos and the number just keeps growing. But here’s the next, more crucial, question—when was the last time you looked at any of them?

It’s common, with such easy access to technology, to take photos when we are in a moment we want to remember. But it is also common never look at those photos again. Now is your chance.

What’s a Mini-Date?

Make a Date of It is dedicated to strengthening healthy relationships. One of the things we suggest is for couples, in all stages of their relationship, to have a regular date night. While the phrase may only conjure up images of expensive dinners and fancy outfits, date night can mean many things. It may mean a night on the town or it may mean a night on the couch. In fact, we have tons of ideas for both here on our website. But there is one common denominator in all date nights: spending designated, quality time together.

We get that in this day and age everyone is busy. You may be too busy to get a haircut, let alone hire a babysitter and have a night out. But you should never be so busy that you have no time for your partner. Even fifteen minutes alone together each day, doing something other than chores or work, can bring you closer together.

That’s why we’ve created a series of “mini-dates” that you can do in any fifteen minutes of your day, whether it is as soon as you wake up, right after the kids are in bed, or just before you go to sleep.

Time to Reminisce

On this mini-date you will go back in time, reviewing old photos you have taken together. You can do this on your phone, or on your computer, or using printed photo books you have created. If you are using your phone or computer, you can even create a slideshow with little to no time or effort.

The easiest way to do this will be to pick a range of time for your photos. Try choosing a trip you went on, or a time when you had company in town. If you are married, look through your wedding album and engagement photos.

As you look back, talk about how much has changed. Talk about the fun memories you have had. Talk about what you miss and what you don’t. Most importantly, just talk! Enjoy the time you are spending to just be together.

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Take a few minutes to actually look through some of the thousands of photos you have taken.

15 Minute Mini-Date: Look Through Old Photos

Time: 15 min  |  Cost:  $  |  Location: Anywhere  |  Level:  Easy

Looking through old photos and reminiscing about old times together can be a great way to reconnect with your significant other in a short amount of time. Now with the amount of photos we all have saved on our phones, it’s easier than ever.

Materials Needed:

Your phone, computer, or old photo books


  1. Grab your phone, computer, or old photo books.

  2. Find a quiet place without distractions and get comfortable. Squeeze in close with your date so you can both see (and for other obvious reasons!).

  3. Choose a time-frame for your photos: photos from a particular time, event, or vacation together. If you have photo books, this is already done for you. You can also choose to make a slideshow based on a particular time using your phone.

  4. Look through your photos, reminiscing about good times. Try to think up and share as many things you can remember about that time in your lives.

  5. Share your best photo and tag it @makeadateofit on instagram or facebook.

Enjoy the memories!

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